Hunter Industrial offers efficient industrial HVAC solutions.

Now there’s an easy way to improve everything from product integrity and employee safety to patron satisfaction in your facility. Best of all? You’ll save money doing it. With Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed fans, you can silently distribute air into every corner of your space with business benefits that speak volumes.

Warehouse ceiling fans, barn ceiling fans — whatever you need for your industry, Hunter Industrial fans are the most cost-effective way to put environmental controls in place. Don’t see your industry listed? Get in touch with us. Because we get it.


Hunter Industrial HVAC solutions

Product and Equipment Protection and HVLS Destratification

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Hunter Industrial HVAC solutions

Winter Efficiency


The hot air produced by the heating systems inevitably rises upwards, stratifying below the ceiling and dispersing slowly outward, making the high costs incurred by companies to heat the rooms absolutely not very effective and cost-efficient. The higher the building structure and the more its insulation is deficient, the greater the waste of energy and money is every meter in height corresponds to an average temperature increase of one degree Celsius.


Taking advantage of the generous air column, moved by large blades with a unique and patented profile, the vertically-oriented rebalancing of the temperature as well as heat redistribution uniformly in all parts of the environment are achieved and moisture formation is prevented also in the most remote areas of the structure.

• Reduces your heating costs by more than 30%
• Homogenizes the temperature throughout the space
• Removes the condensation effect
• Maximizes the comfort, efficiency and productivity at the workplace

Summer Efficiency


During summer, the particular conformation of the industrial buildings and commercial areas causes the progressive stratification downward, which is very rich in air humidity, the stratification that frequently generates interior microclimates where the perceived temperatures can reach much higher values than those humanly acceptable. These conditions of extreme discomfort make both safety as well as the yield of the operators deeply uncertain.


The ambient temperature does not change but the decrease of the relative humidity, together with the ventilation coming from HVLS fans, produces a clear cool feeling on the skin due to an easier natural perspiration induced by the ventilation. In
fact, in the presence of even a minimum air velocity, the perception of heat is on average lowered by 4 C° to 6 C° compared to that measured.

• Reduce the human thermal confort sensation up to 8°C
• Decrease the relative humidity by more than 30%
• Increase the comfort, efficiency and productivity at the workplace
• Immediate reduction of your cooling costs by more than 30%

Moisture Control


From spring to fall, humidity is ever-present across Central Florida, and the distribution center’s loading area often experienced condensation build-up on its concrete floors. The team would often attempt to scrub the moisture from the floors, but their efforts only provided a temporary fix.

“Due to the condensation on the floors, our employees were constantly at risk of a safety hazard. When our team would operate forklifts, they would need to exercise extra caution because of the machines’ tendency to slip on the damp floors,”. “I have a couple small exhaust fans in the facility, but their air movement was only within a few feet of the fans, which doesn’t help to dry the floors at all.”


When the warm spring months increased humidity levels, immediate difference in floors with the Titan fans operating at just half-speed. There was no condensation build-up on the concrete, and employees were able to operate forklifts and execute daily tasks without the need for caution.

Staff has also paid compliment to the pleasant breeze the HVLS fans provide throughout the day—making the environment more comfortable and increasing overall productivity during the hot Florida days.

During the summer months, just one of Hunter Industrial’s fans can replace as many as 10-20 floor fans or 12 48-inch barrel fans, creating a perceived 10- to 12-degree cooler temperature environment. Equally as important during the winter months, these HVLS solutions will continually push warm air trapped at the ceiling level back down to the floor, saving up to 30 percent on heating costs and evenly distributing warm air. This kind of thermal de-stratification is essential to ensuring all employees are operating within a healthy, comfortable and, most importantly, safe environment.