Did you know that most HVLS fans are made from repurposed industrial machinery? Yikes. Look, if you’re cool with having Frankenstein’s monster hanging from your ceiling, fine. But here at Hunter Industrial, we believe in purpose-driven, high-efficiency fans that are designed and engineered in-house — with your industry in mind. What does that mean for you? Lowest. Total. Cost. Of. Ownership. Ever. The Hunter difference comes down to smart money.

EFFICIENCY | Take a load off, HVAC.

Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed fans are 50 percent more efficient than our competitors. This is basically a fancy way of saying our fans move more air but with way less energy (or horsepower for those of you keeping score). This means your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard. (Translation: Lower operating costs and year-round savings.)

So, how do our fans deliver on all this efficiency sweet talk? Some basics:
• More efficient motors
• Fewer blades for less stress-inducing torque
• Airfoils designed to reduce drag while improving performance

The kicker? All that performance, for mere pennies a day. That’s right—an expense you could cover out of your kid’s piggybank (not recommended).

INSTALLATION | Party of one.

You’ve never experienced an install this easy. Your coworkers can even go to lunch. Everything that we could pre-install for you, well, we did. Our Titan, ECO, and XP fans come with pre-installed bolts, prewired downrods, and pre-aligned mounting brackets.

Watch our installation videos, which show just how amazingly simple our fans are to set up.

WEIGHT | More air, less poundage.

Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed fans are true prizefighters in the ring—without any of the heft. When we reinvented the industrial ceiling fan, we said goodbye to the gearbox. And good riddance—to the noise, the maintenance, and especially the weight. We also reduced the number of blades, parts, and hardware (after working with aerospace engineers to maximize fan performance). Even at 24 feet in diameter, these aircraft-grade aluminum fans are up to 30 percent lighter than typical high-volume, low-speed fans. And these direct-drive beauties still run circles around competitors by moving more air for less money. (Yep, kinda like legendary lightweight Sugar Ray.)


Our high-volume, low-speed industrial fans are made to last. And last. With little to no upkeep along the way. That’s just how it goes for a gearless direct-drive motor with two bearings to its name. But reliability isn’t just about the motor. It’s everything that goes into a Hunter ceiling fan. It’s the fact that our designers, engineers, and technicians work alongside each other—collaborating and testing our way to perfection at our in-house research and development lab. We build our ideas from the ground-up—all the way to your facility’s ceiling. That’s why we can promise you a headache-free future. And why we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Ahhh. What a breath of fresh air.

ON-TIME DELIVERY | Industry-Leading Ship Times.

Hunter Industrial’s commitment to excellence carries through to our delivery times. We are proud to offer industry-leading shipment turnarounds, meaning your HVLS fan will be up and moving air in no time.

Our standard ship time is 10 days. If you need a fan in a jiffy, no worries; our Quick Ship Program guarantees shipment of your HVLS fan within 24 hours of receipt of a purchase order.

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A lightweight, incredible powerful direct-drive industrial fan..


Hunter Industrial | Product Overview

HunterFan Virtual Showroom. | Hunter Industrial

Hunter has several options to upgrade your industrial space. Take a look at our Virtual showroom to see some of our options including : The Trak, Eco, Titan, Stingray, & the XP.

The Trak from Hunter | Ceiling Fan for Large Commercial Spaces

On the two lowest speeds of the TRAK, you are actually consuming less energy than your cell phone charger! The Trak modern commercial ceiling fan collection work where guest comfort is as important as style and durability. Built with a commercial grade motor and extruded aluminum blades Hunter Trak commercial ceiling fans bring a long lifespan and optimal airflow to large, open spaces.

JanFan Quick & Easy Assembly | Hunter Industrial

JanFan has been a trusted provider of high-quality high-performance industrial air circulation fans for over 60 years. JanFan is designed to make fan assembly quick and painless, the use of common parts across the fan size range takes the challenge of assembly maintenance and backwards compatibility out of the picture.

Titan HVLS Fan Overview | Hunter Industrial

The Titan series of ceiling fans are the most purpose-built HVLS fans on the market. This flagship product of Hunter Industrial is available in five sizes and designed to push air into every nook and cranny of your facility.

ECO HVLS Fan Overview | Hunter Industrial

The ECO series of ceiling fans is the latest innovation from Hunter Industrial Fan. This lightweight fan with a heavyweight punch is designed and tested to offer industrial-grade airflow.

Hunter Industrial | Product Benefits

Warm Your Space with Destratification from HVLS Fans | Hunter Industrial

HVLS fans provide energy saving benefits year round. Larger spaces allow for stratification of the air. Our fans are a great way to DE stratify that air making for a more uniform temperature which in turn can reduce energy savings up to 30%

Moisture Reduction Demonstration | Hunter Industrial

Leaks, spills, and even routine maintenance can lead to moisture management concerns for many industrial facilities. Whether your particular concern is spoilage, corrosion of machinery, downtime after routine cleaning, or workplace injuries, the faster you can dry things out, the better. Hunter Industrial HVLS fans can help control moisture and humidity, as well as speed up drying times.

Safety & Durability

HVLS Fan Blade Durability | Hunter Industrial

At Hunter, our fans are designed with safety and durability in mind. They’re also tested thoroughly tested to withstand impact.This video shows how sporting equipment could hit a fan while in motion but our fans will continue to a deliver high performance while keeping everyone below safe.

HVLS Fork Truck Impact Demo | Hunter Industrial

Accidents are a part of working in industrial spaces. Our fans are meant to maximize safety and minimize damage in the event of an unforeseen impact. This video shows first hand how our fans are designed to handle an accidental impact.

Hunter Industrial Fan Testing

It’s True. We test every single fan before it leaves our warehouse!

Jan Fan Durability Test | Hunter Industrial

The Rugged Mobile Fan from Jan Fan by Hunter Industrial is the perfect solution for when lots of air movement is needed in tough, harsh environments. Designed to take abuse and keep on safely moving air wherever its needed most. Backed by a full 5-year warranty.


Titan HVLS Fan Full Installation

Have you ever wondered how to install our HVLS fans? Check out this video of a full installation of our Titan HVLS fan. This installation video will take you step by step through the installation process, taking all the guess work out of your install.

ECO HVLS Fan Full Installation

Have you ever wondered how to install our HVLS fans? Check out this video of a full installation of our ECO HVLS fan. This installation video will take you step by step through the installation process, taking all the guess work out of your install.

XP HVLS Fan Full Installation

Have you ever wondered how to install our HVLS fans? Check out this video of a full installation of our XP HVLS fan. This installation video will take you step by step through the installation process, taking all the guess work out of your install.


The Trimaran Outdoor Ceiling Fan featured at Andrew Michael Italian Restaurant | Hunter Fan

Our Trimaran ceiling fan featuring WeatherMax® technology is featured on the Outdoor Patio of Andrew Michael Italian Restaurant in Memphis, TN. The addition of the Trimaran has increased the restaurants ability to seat customers as they love the constant breeze that the Trimarans provide for the patio. With the addition of our Surespeed® guarantee that same breeze was credited to keeping bugs away while customers sit outside.

The Trak fan featured in Gym | Hunter Industrial

Located just outside of Memphis, The Yard 901 opened in April 2019, which features a 10,000 square-foot fitness center, batting cages and turf field in addition to group exercise classes and personal training. Although the facility has an HVAC unit, The owner knew he needed ceiling fans to help circulate the air throughout the expansive space. He knew of Hunter’s residential fans but wasn’t familiar with the company’s industrial/commercial line until a friend introduced them to him.

Fat Bottom Brewery | Titan HVLS Fan Testimonial | Hunter Industrial

Fat Bottom Brewing Co., a regional brewery located in Nashville, Tenn., installed a Hunter Industrial Titan 14′ industrial ceiling fan to help with airflow and to keep workers’ environment safe.

The Comfort Group | Titan HVLS Fan Testimonial | Hunter Industrial

The Comfort Group, a full-service mechanical contractor, recently installed a Hunter Industrial Titan 18′ HVLS ceiling fan to supplement their existing HVAC system. They have experienced reduced energy costs as a result.

Industrial Fan vs Birds | Hunter Industrial

Birds are often a cause for concern for DCI Logistics in Nashville. Denny explains how their newly installed ECO fans will help deter them from nesting in the hangar, which means less dirty work for him!