Product and Equipment Protection and HVLS Destratification

It is a well-known fact that making use of the science behind destratification with an HVLS fan can help to keep your workplace environment temperate. This leads to greater employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as reducing the taxing effects on your HVAC system. What might not be common knowledge is the cost-saving benefits that destratification can offer in terms of your product’s quality and longevity, as well as equipment protection. Let’s look at a few ways that utilizing an HVLS fan for destratification can provide tangible benefits.

Food and Beverage Storage

There are as many different threats to the quality of your food and beverage products as there are food and beverages. Grocery stores, wholesale warehouses, and breweries all house materials that are perishable. If any of these materials are compromised, not only can illness occur, but the PR surrounding the selling of spoiled materials is difficult to overcome.
One way that destratification can reduce food spoilage is through mitigating condensation. When the air temperature varies within a storage facility, the warmer air can cause condensation. The increase in moisture creates an environment prone to the development of microorganisms. Another scenario that stratified air can contribute to is the defrost and refreeze of meats and other produce. Whether this causes poor physical appearance or actual contamination, both can be avoided by creating a consistent air temperature through the destratification provided by an HVLS fan.

Agriculture and Greenhouses

Destratification isn’t just for the winter months. Though maintaining an acceptable level of moisture and temperature range is top-of-mind for chilly winter days, keeping any sort of indoor agriculture healthy and thriving is a year-round job. Additionally, ventilation and regular fresh air exchange encourages your crops to thrive and offer the most nutrient-rich produce.
Plant disease happens at most indoor gardening facilities due to the lack of uniform air temperature control. In the winter, if the air at the top of the greenhouse is warm, while the air outside is cold, condensation forms and drips onto the plants. This can result in many possible outcomes such as water oversaturation resulting in root rot or, more visible, decay and disease on the leaves above ground. In the spring, sunny days can result in water loss (vaporization) from both the plants and soil. Maintaining the ideal temperature for your plants to thrive, as well as managing condensation through air flow are two ways that an HVLS fan can protect your plants.

Equipment Maintenance and Injury

Are you familiar with Sweating Slab Syndrome (SSS)? It is a documented occurrence where moisture develops on the surface of an interior concrete slab. This phenomenon may not be new to you if you work in warehouses or other facilities with high ceilings. However, in months where heating your workplace is of primary concern, the possibility of SSS or traditional condensation from unmanaged temperatures can cause big problems.
Most manufacturing plants use large equipment – usually crafted out of metal. When high levels of moisture are present in the atmosphere, the chance of equipment damage is higher. Corrosion, rust, or even lubrication levels can lead to equipment failure or more frequent equipment maintenance. Beyond the cost of replacing or repairing equipment, condensation can lead to spillage (from either the equipment or the buildings structure), pools, or even small drops of liquid leading to slips, falls, and other possibilities of injury to your employees. An HVLS fan can both proactively protect against condensation and reduce the time it takes to clean up any spills that may occur.
When you compare these lesser-known benefits of using an HVLS fan for destratification with the more common benefits of increased employee productivity and decreased energy costs, the ROI on an HVLS fan only grows. We’d love to discuss the benefits an HVLS fan might provide to you through a one-on-one analysis based around your specific needs. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please reach out. You can find us at or on our website.

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