Our Hunter Industrial team wants to ensure that when you install our fans, you can focus on the other important things in your business. Our new network capable controls offer you the ability to schedule run-times, speeds, and even direction of a single fan or zones of up to 30 fans. The new controls maintain the simple “plug and play” connections Hunter HVLS fans have always had, plus we have taken the guess work out of trouble-shooting. The new controls inform users of specific problems that may occur and allow for resets right from the controller – no more need to access the drive for basic adjustments.

350 series control

Hunter’s 350 Series Fan Controller is a simple and straightforward way to manage your facility’s comfort over an Ethernet based network. No ancillary power needed as this control receives power from the VFD directly.
Manage all basic fan operations using the 3.5” color, digital touchscreen. This controller is network ready for a simple daisy chaining of up to 10 fans. Features a proximity sensor to “wake” the controller up when approached to help with a long service life.

  • Simple intuitive user interface for basic fan control
  • BMS Integration with optional gateway
  • Fan fault notifications on screen
  • Quick install, no additional power necessary

500 series control

The 500 Series Fan Controller gives users the capabilities needed to get most out of their fans. Offering advanced control for up to 30 fans over an Ethernet based network that includes power for the controller.
Easily manage each fan’s operations from the 5” PCAP touchscreen with a clean graphical visualization of speed and direction. The controller allows users to schedule and create zones of fans for simple control, as well as display’s fault information making any troubleshooting a breeze.

  • Simple intuitive user Interface to control up to 30 fans
  • Password protection for scheduling, grouping, and fan naming
  • BMS Integration with optional gateway
  • Fan diagnostics directly from screen
  • Quick install, no additional power necessary

700E series: Environmental control package

Get the yearlong benefits of Hunter HVLS fans – automatically. Hunter’s 700E Series controller keeps facilities comfortable, while optimally operating the fans by using the conditions in the space as a guide. The 700E controller can manage up to 30 fans using both temperature and humidity levels to simplify getting the most from the facility’s HVLS fans.
Summer Mode, designed for the warmer parts of the year, ensures that occupants are comfortable by automatically adjusting the fan speed to give off a cooling effect that’s important to keep productivity high. With the touch of a button the fans are placed in Winter Mode for optimal destratification during cooler seasons. This pushing of warm air down off the ceiling to floor level keeps occupants comfortable while creating significant energy savings.
The 700E is a 7” touchscreen controller that can also operate the fans more traditionally both as individuals or in groups, with operations like scheduling and troubleshooting. Installing the 700E, and the sensors, is quick and easy using Ethernet cables between all components and no need for additional power supplies.

  • Most efficient way to run a facility’s fans
  • Automatic configuration
  • Quick install, no additional power necessary
  • 1-Touch Seasonal Adjust

700E series includes: 7” Touchscreen Control, 2 Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Network Hub and CAT5 cables.

BMS integration

Simple approach to interface fans to a Building Management System. Enables remote monitoring, control and visualization of a fan network.

  • Gateway allows the Fan Network to communicate to both a BAS/BMS and maintain a local HMI controller.
  • Supports BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP
  • 1 Gateway per network (30 fan maximum)
  • Controls configuration via web-interface

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